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Double Lined Pewter Tankard wih Nymph Handle

Double Lined Pewter Tankard wih Nymph Handle
Small image #1 for Double Lined Pewter Tankard wih Nymph Handle
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Double Lined Pewter Tankard wih Nymph Handle

  • Gorgeous Arched Nymph Forms Handle
  • Made in England Using the Finest English Pewters
  • Intoxicatingly Meticulous Details
  • Bright Polished Finish
  • Lead Free
  • Height of 4 3/8 Inch
  • Models on Sale
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Double Lined Pewter Tankard wih Nymph Handle
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Scratch and Dent Pewter Tankard wih Nymph Handle, small imperfection on lower portion of tankard
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I guess I'm supposed to talk about the history of the nymphs. But, good lord, all I can think about is how hot this female nymph is. Yeah, I know, completely politically incorrect. But have a look and just try to tell me I'm wrong.

Alright, on to the details. This is a nickel-free pewter tankard made in England by some of the finest pewtersmiths in Europe. The tankard holds one full pint and is completely safe as a drinking vessel. And as important as all that is, let's talk about the really, really attractive Nymph on the side.

Okay, I'll admit it, that was sooooo immature. We should really appreciate the amazing figure study carried out by the artist, who presents the female form as both vulnerable and powerful. Her upward gaze conveys a devoutness and knowledge of a higher power. Her raised arms symbolize confidence and freedom, and her bare feet tell the world that she is grounded and earthy. She is a dichotomy of all that is woman.

Height: 4 3/8 Inch
Outside Top Diameter: 3 1/4
Outside Bottom Diameter: 4 1/8 Inch
Weight of Tankard: 10 Ounces
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