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I recently purchased a rapier for my father's birthday, from your website. I have to say, it's a beautiful sword, and the engraving came out flawlessly. On behalf of my father and myself, thank you for a job well done. Worth every penny.

Also, whoever writes your product descriptions is hilarious. I love the wording.

- Tony

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Celtic Band Goblet

Celtic Band Goblet
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Celtic Band Goblet 10 Ounces

  • Handmade from the Best English Pewter
  • Masterfully Crafted and Beautifully Detailed
  • Bright polished finish to inside and out
  • Holds 10 Ounces of your Favorite Fluids
  • Top Diameter is 3 Inches
  • Height of 6.2 Inches
  • Engravable
  • Perfect for Weddings, Sororities, Gaelic Events and Gifts
  • Models on Sale
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Model No.
Pewter Goblet with Embossed Celtic Bands 10 ounce
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If the medieval age was so philosophically and technologically backward, then why did they have such cool drinkware? This goblet was made in England by master pewtersmiths. The design is, as I mentioned, Medieval, with a simple but elegant design. This is a wonderfully understated piece. It bestows a sense of quiet majesty upon anyone bearing it (I have no idea why the heck I'm suddenly speaking all flowery like that. I think this goblet is getting to me).

A perfect addition to any cupboard. Also works great as a display piece. And no need to mention how fantastic it would be at those midnight ceremonies.

This piece stands just over 6 inches high and is perfectly safe and pleasant to drink from. It holds 10 ounces of liquid.

Height: 6 Inches
Outside Diameter of Base: 3 Inches
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When besieging the Muslim city of Antioch in the 12th century, European knights catapulted the heads of slain muslims into the city to demoralize the soldiers inside. While we don't condone lobbing heads of your enemies into cities, Strongblade does sell knight swords, knight weapons and knight armor, as well as crusader swords, crusader costumes and crusader armor.