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Ruffled Chemise

Ruffled Chemise
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Full-Length Chemise with Ruffled Neck and Sleeves

  • Traditional Full Length Style
  • Like our Traditional Chemise, Only it Has Ruffles!
  • Long Luxurious Sleeves
  • Wear with Most Renaissance Dresses or as Nightgown
  • Ruffles Have Ridges! Uh ..Wait, What?
  • Models on Sale
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Ruffled Chemise,One Size Fits All, White

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In 1932, two young entrepreneurs started two companies thousands of miles apart. Elmer Doolin of San Antonio, Texas started his company by purchasing the rights to a corn chip product that he would make famous. Herman W. Lay of Nashville, Tennessee developed his business by selling a product that was familiar to people in his region, but later would become America's favorite potato chip. ... Wait a minute. What is this crap? Sorry everybody, this is the history of Rufffles brand potato chips. My bad. Here's the real info:

Ruffles in clothing have been extremely popular throughout history. There are a lot of technical artistic reasons for this; the human eye's preference for contrast in design, the pleasant fusion of order and chaos in a garment, and there's the little fact that Queen Elizabeth liked ruffles, so every woman in England and much of Europe followed suit.
Ruffles are formed by using thread to bunch up the fabric around the neck and wrists in pleasant patterns. Ruffles brand potato chips are made by cutting the potato ships with ridged slicers. Ruffles in clothing are perfect for denoting a woman's high status and accenting her beauty and femininity. Ruffles brand potato chips in clothing are, like, a real drag, man; even if you get rid of the crumbs, you still have these tiny little grease marks and stuff.

The chemise is worn under outfits like a medieval slip. They absorb any perspiration or assorted body soils and protect the outer garment from wear and tear. Our chemises are made from the same soft cotton muslin used to back baby quilts. They come with drawstring necklines and have very long sleeves for that extra touch of elegance. They are machine washable. One size fits all.

The traditional chemise dates all the way back to the Roman Empire (and possibly farther than that) and is sometimes called a "shift." Back then it looked quite different and was a unisex undergarment. As the years moved on, men started to realize that they just didn't care if their clothes smelled bad (this was the origin of the male "sniff test" for cleanliness. The same test that many bachelors still perform on the piles of clothing that lie on the floors of their apartments to this day). The men stopped wearing shifts, so the chemise evolved into a purely feminine item.

Chemises became a fashion statement, with hundreds of various styles available to or custom made for women. Ruffles, trim, woven patterns, lace, and bloody bones from dead lovers were added to the chemise to give them a hint of flash and personality (the bones thing was a bet I had with a friend and is not actually true. Lisa, you owe me $5).

The chemise has withstood the test of time. They are still the very height of femininity. In fact, modernized versions of the chemise can be bought at any women's clothing store, either for wear as a slip or for use as a nightgown.

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