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Noble Leather Scabbard for Latex and Foam Swords

Noble Leather Scabbard for Latex and Foam Swords
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Leather Scabbard for LARP Swords

  • Made of High Quality Leather
  • Beautifully Handcrafted
  • Available in Medium and Long Lengths
  • Leather Scabbard for Foam Swords LARP Role Play Palnatoke sheath
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Model No.
Premium Leather Noble Scabbard, Medium 28 inches
Ships in 5-10 days
Premium Leather Noble Scabbard, Large, 34 Inches
Accessories - Scabbard Mounts
Out of Stock
Adjustable LARP Scabbard Mount, Black, Right Hand Draw
Adjustable LARP Scabbard Mount, Black, Left Hand Draw
Two Point Black Scabbard Mounting Straps

* Stock items ship from Strongblade in 1-3 days. Please allow an additonal day for engraving or sharpening.
The Noble scabbard is a high quality hand crafted leather scabbard designed for foam and latex swords. It is crafted of high quality leather with superb craftsmanship but yet still offered at a very reasonable price. It is available in both medium and long lengths. Adding this scabbard to your ensemble will make you the envy of friends and foes at any LARP or role playing event.

Scabbard Mounts

The Noble scabbard does not include a scabbard mount so be sure to purchase a scabbard mount along with your scabbard. We offer two compatible mounts.

SBPT-VERSAMOUNT is a unique mounting system that allows the scabbard to mounted at virtually any angle. It provides for a more secure mount than traditional scabbard mounts.

SBPT-SCAB-STRAPS - Traditional economical means for mounting the scabbard to your belt.
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The Japanese katana was often worn paired with another smaller sword or dagger. The shorter sword, called a wazashi (also known alternately as Wakizashi and, occasionally, Fred) measured twelve to twenty-four inches in length. The dagger, a tanto measured six to twelve inches in length. Tonto, from the Lone Ranger, has nothing to do with Asian weapons, but for the record, he was 67 inches long. Strongblade sells lots of katanas. Have a look at our samurai swords.
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