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Assassin Leather Greaves

Assassin Leather Greaves
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Assassin Leather Greaves

  • The Highest Quality Leather
  • Double Stitching on All Surfaces -- No Rivets!
  • Individually Hand Colored
  • Crafted Using a Combination of Hand and Machine Sewing
  • Durable and Long Lasting
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Black Greaves
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Assassin Leather Greaves, Medium, Black
Assassin Leather Greaves, Large, Black
Black Brown Greaves
Assassin Leather Greaves, Medium, Black/Brown
Assassin Leather Greaves, Large, Black/Brown

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These leather greaves look great and are truly functional. They are handcrafted and made of high quality leather. They are designed to provide protection in LARP(Live Action Role Play) but are also a great choice if you are looking for a compliment to any medeival costume.

Some people are good at horseshoes. Some are great with puzzles or particulalry good with puppies. Assassins happen to be good at killing people. Oddly, enough, assassins also usually have a very good fashion sense (although their wardrobe variety consists of black and brown only).

These greaves are typical of the style favored by assassins, monks, rogues and even sorcerers. The criss-crossing straps along the front mimic the type of ties that would keep the greaves tight around the leg; this prevented slippage which might interfere with the delicate operations carried out by the wearer. Leather slip through a series of straps to provide the real closure.

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