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Thanks again Eileen,

You folks don't play around when it comes to shipping and logistics!! Your company is fun, easy, and a great value, I also like the fact that you take your products for what they are; toys at a great value. I will be back.

I was a real treat speaking with you yesterday.

Thank again for all of your time and efforts on my behalf.

Most sincerely,

John Bobolsky

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Premium Leather Bracers, Hero

Premium Leather Bracers, Hero
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Small image #2 for Premium Leather Bracers, Hero
Small image #3 for Premium Leather Bracers, Hero
Small image #4 for Premium Leather Bracers, Hero

Hero Battle Arm Bracers

  • Soft chrome tanned leather with suede backing
  • Perfect for LARP or Theater
  • Provides a Medieval look to your outfit
  • A versatile simple design
  • Each Piece is Inspected Before Shipping to Strongblade
  • Lace up closure
  • Models on Sale
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Model No.
Black and Brown Leather Bracers
Hero Leather Bracers, Small, Black/Brown
Black and Green Leather Bracers
Hero Leather Bracers, Medium, Black/Green
Hero Leather Bracers, Large, Black/Green

* Stock items ship from Strongblade in 1-3 days. Please allow an additonal day for engraving or sharpening.
This is a close out item. When our current inventory is gone, this item will no longer be available.
When danger was afoot, it was the medieval knight (The Hero!!!) who charged forward, his only concern being the safety of his people. Brave, morally superior and terrifyingly skilled at arms. And speaking of arms, what's protecting yours? Exactly. Grab a set of these before someone leaves your knightly hero arm stinging, red and swollen.

Our Heroes Battle Arm Bracers are great for LARP, theater and wearing to the Ren Fair. Arm bracers are a great compliment to your outfit and provide that perfect Medieval look. These bracers are made of soft chrome tanned leather and have a suede backing so they are very comfortable to wear with lace up closure.

No History is available for this item at this time.

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The Spartans were reknowned for their ferocity and for their military strength and skill. Of the Greek city-states, the Spartans were one of the few who actually had a standing army with professional soldiers. (Most of the other city-states had sitting armies who would rarely stand at all. Okay, just jokes). The Spartans carried Spartan Spears in one hand and Spartan Shields in the other. They wore Spartan Helmets and Spartan Greaves, and bore Spartan swords at their sides. Coincidentally, Strongblade sells all of these.