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Mephisto Latex Mask

Mephisto Latex Mask
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Half Mask Mephisto Devil's Emissary

  • Extremely Comfortable to Wear
  • Latex Mask
  • Realistic and Downright Creepy
  • Devil's Emissary
  • Models on Sale
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Model No.
Mephisto Half Mask
This item is no longer available.
Scratch and Dent Mephisto Half Mask, tiny tear(barely noticible) on face of mask

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The horns on this Mephisto mask are approx. 6.5 cm long.
Whether you read classic literature or comics, you know that stock devil characters are often called "Mephisto." In the late Renaissance Faust legend, Mephisto was the purchaser in the pact responsible for selling the soul of Dr. Faustus. With our latex Mephisto Mask, anyone can quickly slip in to the role of the devil's emissary. This half mask has an elastic band to keep it on your head. It is lightweight and especially comfortable to wear because your nose and mouth are free. This Mephisto Mask is perfect for spirits who say "nay" to all!
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