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A few months back my father bought me a Crusaders Arming Sword that was tempered. It came to me well packaged, and on the time it was expected. I am very pleased with the arming sword, and wanted to tell all of you a great thanks for all the time and concern you have put in taking care of it. This is a wonderful peace of work you have created, and you should be pleased in what you provide for your customers. I thank you very much because this is something that has touched my heart from my father, and will be cherished for the rest of my life. You helped make this happen. I hope your business thrives, and you will put the expected smile on each and every customer you have. In the business I work we have to juggle between quality and quantity. Without the quality the quantity will not come.

Thanks once again and have a wonderful day. Keep up the great work!!

William S.

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Donnybrook Pirate Rifle

Donnybrook Pirate Rifle
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Non-Firing Pirate Flintlock Blunderbuss Rifle

  • Crafted in Spain
  • Impressively Satisfying to Hold and Dry Fire
  • Pirate Skull and Crossbones on Stock
  • Doesn't Actually Fire, So Please Don't Ask
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Non-Firing Pirate Flintlock Blunderbuss Rifle

* Stock items ship from Strongblade in 1-3 days. Please allow an additonal day for engraving or sharpening.
On Sale! Originally $109!

When the fight gets out of hand, you need to bring in the heavy artillery. The Donnybrook Pirate Rifle is the sledgehammer among croquet mallets.

Often viewed as the precourser to the shotgun, the blunderbuss rifle was capable of spewing a devestating shower of projectiles at enemies. It was perfect for ship-to-ship combat where timing, rolling waves and difficult re-loading made it crucial for each shot to do as much damage as possible. The blunderbuss rifle wasn't a finesse weapon. It was the pirate equivalent of a weapon of mass-destruction, raking crowds with sprays of lethal projectiles.

This rilfe is a replica of an actual flintlock blunderbuss used in the 18th century. It doesn't actually fire, but it has fully operable locks and trigger, whihc means that pulling back the hammer and pulling the trigger produces a fantastically satisfying 'THWINK!!" sound and a shudder as the cock hits the striker plate. It's theoretically possible to put a cap of some sort on the striker to create an actual bang, but this is all theoretical, really. As is Quantum Physics, anti-matter and ethical insurance companies.

The rifle measures 29 inches in length and is about as intimidating a weapon as you'll find. It's a new favorite in the Strongblade warehouse after-hours wargames.

Length: 29 Inches

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Although the term rapier has become synonymous with any narrow-bladed sword (particularly those with fancy hilts), the term rapier actually applied to only a select few types of swords. Rapiers were narrow (usually one and a quarter inches wide), quite long, fairly heavy, and usually had only a slight edge on them. The extremely long length of the rapiers made them a bit heavy and cumbersome, not at all the Errol Flynn or Zorro-type small-swords that most people think of.
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