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Sheriff Badges

Sheriff Badges
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Sheriff Badges

  • The Silver Star Badge
  • The Bronze Star Sherrif Badge
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Sheriff Badge Replica, Silver,2.5inch x 3inch
Ships in 5-10 days
Sheriff Badge Replica,Bronze, 1.75 X 1.75 inches

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Journey back into history with this beautiful display of western badges! Based on the original designs, these badges are some great examples of the badges worn by lawmen out to tame the Wild West! Featuring 2 unique badges: Silver Sheriff Badge and Bronze Star Sheriff Badge
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The pollaxe (or polaxe, or poleaxe) became popular in the 14th and 15th centuries, during the golden age of plate mail. Armor became so strong during this time that it became really, really difficult to actually kill anyone (well, anyone of importance, right?). So the polaxe was created. A long shaft, crowned with a steel head that featured an axe-blade on one side and a spike or hammer-head on the other. And usually with another spike at the top, just to make it deadly from any angle.