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Pewter Dragon Tankard

Pewter Dragon Tankard
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Handmade Pewter Tankard with Dragon Grip

  • Handmade from the Best English Pewter
  • Masterfully Crafted and Beautifully Detailed
  • Holds a Full Pint of your Favorite Fluids
  • Fearsome Dragon in Flight Carved Forms the Grip
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Dragon Grip Pewter Tankard
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Okay, so you want something scary on your tankard. Well, short of a picture of Dick Cheney with a shotgun, a dragon's probably your best bet. And this isn't just any dragon. This is a painstakingly carved, intricately detailed creation that sits perched on the side of this pewter tankard. A gorgeous dragon, wings stretched out to either side of the tankard, brows furrowed in majestic dragon rage. Each of its scales etched out and visible.

Handcrafted in England by the wonderful craftsmen of Alchemy Gothic, this tankard is about as majestic and intimidating a mug as you'll see. It holds a full pint of your favorite fluids (read:beer, mead, wine, or other alcohol) and will no doubt get you props at parties or other social occasions.

Material:Robust 1 pint (600ml) tankard in pewter with a masterfully crafted pewter dragon forming the handle.

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