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Dragon Claw Pendant

Dragon Claw Pendant
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Dragon Claw Pendant with 20 inch chain

  • Made from the Finest English Pewter and Topaz Crystal
  • Intricately Detailed
  • Stylish and Fearsome
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Dragon Claw Pendant

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Deep in the heart of the Southern mountain range known as the Warts of Mundaaith, the mighty dragon Mandrellis found the Runic Circle of Eternity. He swore to himself that no one but he would ever own the circle. And no one ever did. Mandrellis died with the Runic Circle clenched tightly between his teeth.

This dragon claw pendant is truly the stuff of fantasy legend. The scaled dragon holding a crystal orb bound by the skeletal pewter remains of the Dread Drake Mandrellis, the dragon's claw clenched tightly around a smoked topaz crystal.

Hand crafted in England, this pendant is a great addition to almost any style. The high quality and low price make this a fantastic gift (for others or yourself).
Chain: 20 inch
Length of Pendant: 1.25 inches
Widest part of pendant: 1/2 inch
Clasp: lobster claw
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